Anticipation & Trepidation

Anticipation & Trepidation

So, here it is… my new creative home! The long-delayed dream is finally coming true. Nestled in the heart of Georgetown is an old, former DC school building that is now filled with students of another kind — students of life, lovers of art and the art-making process. After being on a waiting list for well over a year, I have finally secured a studio of my own. Here, I will be surrounded by other artists busily at work in their own studios. The air is fragrant with the smell of oil paints, turpentine, clay, wood, and the mustiness of old age. I am filled with anticipation… and trepidation.

What if…? What if the creative juices don’t flow? What if I am not as “good” as the other artists here? What if I don’t have the necessary self-discipline to push aside all the other people and things that compete for my attention on a daily basis and give this process all the focus that it deserves and demands of me? What if this grand experiment fails? What if I fail?

A few years ago, when I was embarking on a difficult and major life transition, a friend gave me a drink coaster that reads, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Someone else once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act in spite of it.” Come what may, I am jumping in with both feet on this creative journey. Care to join me?



About Elizabeth D. Yingling

Elizabeth is an artist and art therapist busily creating an art-filled life for herself and others at her studio in the picturesque village of Georgetown in Washington, DC. This blog describes her journey after a long-delayed dream finally comes true... that of having her own art studio in which to explore, create and make meaning of her life experiences. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the City University of New York/Booklyn College. She obtained her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from George Washington University. Her training and post-graduate work in the field of art therapy has profoundly impacted the way she now views and creates art, particularly in her use of metaphor. She currently works with a variety of different media, including but not limited to painting, collage and assemblage. Careful consideration is given to which materials might best facilitate the creative expression of her feelings about a particular theme, and at times, more than one medium may be employed in this exploration. Elizabeth’s art is about making meaning of her experiences and her growth as a woman – one who finds herself and other women struggling to evolve, both individually and collectively, in a society that is filled with paradoxes. In this endeavor to better to understand her own life’s journey, she finds inspiration in learning about the journeys of other women from disparate backgrounds. Their experiences, thoughts and feelings are both unique and universal. Listening to their stories and processing the recurring themes that arise from what she and these other women have learned has become an ongoing exploration that enriches her creative expression and makes up the body of her current work.
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